Extra Curricular Activities

Salient features of FEN

Co-curricular Activities

The school on a regular basis provides a forum to the students to express themselves and show their potential to other people within the school and outside the school. Students are encouraged to participate in Co-curricular activities such as essays competition, speech, debate, and quiz. Historical, national, international, social and religious events are regularly celebrated at Fatimiyah Schools in order to Increase Students’ exposure.

Academic Achievements

The highly encouraging results, both at the Schools & College levels, speak volumes for the dedicated faculty at FEN.

Facilities at FEN

Airy and spacious classrooms

The spacious and purpose built classrooms are well lit and ventilated. These are equipped with modern amenities to fully cater for a conducive academic environment.


Modern and well stacked libraries are present in each unit to encourage reading habits among the students. The furniture of the library is specially designed for the readers to feel comfortable and enjoy their reading experience.

Computer Rooms and AV Rooms

Fatimiyah Education Network has computer labs at all its units. Computer studies are an integral part of the curriculum. The computers are installed with software that complements the academic learning. Central MIS & IT Departments provide the needed back end support.

Multimedia Teaching Facility

Keeping in view the need of aligning itself with the rapid increase in technology, Fatimiyah Education Network has provided multimedia teaching facility in schools (class IX –X) and in college (XI-XII). This will help teachers to deliver the lesson more effectively and efficiently.

Subsidized Laptop Scheme

On the auspicious occasion of wiladat-e-Hazrat Fatima Zehra (S.A), FEN launched ‘Subsidized Laptop Scheme’ for the faculty. FEN offered Laptops on easy installments against provident fund on 10% discounted rate with 0% markup.

Medical Facilities

Different medical programmers such as eye checkup, blood test, polio, hepatitis vaccination and need based awareness programs are conducted regularly at the network. Fatimiyah Education Network takes keen interest in student’s physical health.

Fitness Centers

Physical fitness is one of the most important features of a healthy life style. Fatimiyah College (Boys & Girls Campus) provides a Platform to keep the students fit through physical exercise. Well-trained professionals are available to train them at both the campuses. The students make use of Tread- mills, Cardio- bikes, Space walkers, Twisters and Weight Training in the fitness centers at the college.

Our Mission

To provide a holistic educational system, at affordable terms; a system that encompasses all learning fields emphasizing achievement of quality education and high values.

Our Vision

A learning environment, where students and teachers respect each other and work with devotion, sincerity and fairness to achieve the highest level of morality and creativity through shared stimulating experiences.

Core Values

  • Intellectual and Spiritual Grooming
  • Personality and Character Development
  • Adherence to Islamic Principles
  • Developing a Positive Attitude
  • Working towards a Just Society

FEN Units